Technology meets campaigning

We're a full-service digital agency. We specialise in the intersection of campaigning and technology. We push the boundaries of what's possible online.

Who we are

ChangeLab is a small group of digital strategists, copywriters and developers. We work with a wide range of progressive organisations, from 38 Degrees to Hope Not Hate, the Labour Party to UNISON. We use our expertise to make the world a better place through cutting-edge campaigning and fundraising technology.

Building bigger memberships, fundraising more effectively and seizing the opportunities afforded by new technology. We focus on addressing the challenges progressive organisations face in 2019. Multi-channel communications, artificial intelligence and machine learning are just some of the tools we offer.

What we offer

We work with the UK’s biggest progressive organisations, across a wide range of projects. Here’s where our experience shines.

Strategic technology From high impact campaign microsites to bespoke technical infrastructure, we build the architecture to win campaigns and build membership.
Optimisations We deliver huge boosts to membership organisations, increases in fundraising and recruitment of new members
Campaign innovations We deliver winning strategy where it matters most, across some of the highest profile domestic and election campaigns in the UK.

Case Studies

Here's some of the work that we're most proud of.

People's Vote

Engaging everyone, in a single debate

1. What

The People's Vote campaign wants to speak to hundreds of thousands of people across the Brexit debate, to drive them to take action and talk to their MP. They came to us because of our proven ability to quickly develop cutting-edge campaign websites.

2. How

Working closely with those managing the campaign we develop a range of possible interventions. Our technical ability and wide range of political experience allows us to turn the final sophisticated survey design into reality.

3. Result

Our innovative user journeys guide people through the process of contacting their MP, via email, post, or even video. Hundreds of thousands of people have been mobilised to have their say on Brexit, in a constructive and polite way.


Optimizing for Growth

1. What

With our help, UNISON has just launched a new way for people to join the union. And that’s actually quite complex. You need to provide your contact details, your bank details where you work, how much you get paid – and more. UNISON wanted to make sure that as many people completed it as possible, which is why they turned to us.

2. How

We ran a comprehensive testing and optimisation programme for 3 months, handling everything from copy to design to technology. We worked closely with UNISON to get the most of their experience and make sure that it reflected their voice and values.

3. Result

The overall conversion rate has risen considerably, resulting in millions in additional revenue per yearm and adding 10,000s of new union members. We've also exceeded expectations on other metrics that are important to UNISON, tripling the proportion of people who opt into donating more money to support their campaigning.

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